Who am I and What am I doing

My name is Fred McKelder Brown, but most people call me Mac. I am a Candidate to Holy Orders in God’s holy catholic and apostolic church. God willing and the people consenting in the next year I will be ordained to the diaconate and then presbyterate of the Episcopal Church.

I try to keep a blog during Lent. This is my second year. Last year’s blog, Moustaches, Music, and Finding Christ without Bread and Wine, was my attempt to be funny (looking), find new and old music, and re-frame how I was and could be fed by Christ without taking the holy elements of bread and wine.

This year will be a bit different. I have found that we Episcopalians are terrified of the word evangelism. In fact, it seems, that many are afraid of that word. For many, it conjures up images of women with too much eye shadow and old men with offensive stances on social issues. For many, it tears at the scabs of wounds that have yet to heal after years, after a childhood, a lifetime of unhealthy religious forces.

I am sorry. That is not the Gospel I know.

I have taken on this discipline to help heal wounds. Some of the wounds are my own, some are the collective wounds that we all carry. Yet in this discipline I hope to be humble and accept that it is God who is working, it is Christ who is redeeming, and it is the Spirit that is healing.

The central question to me is: How can we proclaim that good news of Christ? How can we share the Truth without inflicting more wounds, more self-loathing, more hatred of others?

During this Holy Lent, I will try to evangelize each of the 40 days of Lent.

May the one who loves us and loved us first be with you this Lent and may we allow ourselves to be disciplined enough to allow that love into our lives.

Your brother,



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